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Andre' van der Hoven Comrie

Phone 0333460789
Mobile Number 0845063643

Dr. Andre' van der Hoven Comrie
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Andre' van der Hoven Comrie

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My BusinessI teach people how to look after their own health, and that of the environment and share with them the truly excellent products from Golden Neolife Diamite International (GNLD). For me personally they have been a complete life-saver, and they have proven their benefits for many people around the world for over 60 years.

Ideal ReferralA person who realises the need to take control of his/her own health and wants to learn how to do so. I prefer working with healthy people - but am more than happy to assist those with health issues. Like me, many people only waken to the fact that they need to make some changes to their daily nutrirional habits when faced with real ill health!

Top ProductTre-en-en. Contains lipids and sterols that boost energy levels and provide the foundation for healthy cell membranes - so that all other nutrients can be used to best effect

Top Problem SolvedSolves the problem of too little energy for the demands of the day.

My Favorite BNI StoryI love the way second, third and even fourth tier referrals are possible. This means that one can be put in contact with ideal referral partners when those particular contacts would not be likely in the normal course of events.

My Ideal Referral PartnerIndividuals who are interested in improving their health, and maintaining that good health People involved in the wellness industry directly e.g. dieticians, holistic doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians People involved in health and beauty e'g' hair dressers, beauticians, spa owners, Sports coaches People in care-giving e.g. creches, old-age homes People who do a lot of cleaning e.g. caterers, B&B owners, doggie parlours